Monday, August 12, 2013


Chrissy Jones contacted me a few months ago, asking for a song she could use as a soundtrack to create a vision she had circulating in her head. Of course I said yes, I mean, have you SEEN her other videos? I knew it was going to be good. And the result is, to put it bluntly, and pun intended, ballsy.

review by Jane Chardiet for IMPOSE Magazine:

“Wet Pet” is our first look at Unicorn Hard-on’s forthcoming LP, Weird Universe; out September 30 on Spectrum Spool Records. It’s a slow burning subtle jammer. Spaced out beats are backed with dreamy, gyrating synthesizers and small bites of bright noise. Valerie Martino has maintained the project since 2003 and can be credited as one of the pioneers of the noise mass migration from harsh wall noise and power electronics to beat driven ‘technoise’.

It's a NSFW video, directed by the impeccable Christine Jones, and was filmed in a haunted funeral home in Philadelphia. The shoot had to be cut short when all those involved got too spooked. Jones prefers to work with ‘whatever is laying around’, using a cheap digital camera and took inspiration from Madonna’s black and white and sex saturated “Justify My Love” video.
The gritty video’s subjects (real life best friends who perform in the carnal punk band GG Lohan together) are nude and lewd, licking from the same ice cream cone, dancing to the beat and crawling around on the floor and it all looks like so much fun. A warning for the wary and prude, Yureka Cash’s testicles flap around unabashedly and those who are squeamish about such things should consider streaming the track via Soundcloud, without all the tit and taint. You would be missing out though; Slurr and Cash are a delight to behold.

UNICORN HARD-ON--WET PET from Chrissy Jones on Vimeo.

To add my own perspective, I find the underlying tones in this video an incredible visual representation of my own musical journey and struggle of blurred lines. You can decide for yourself what this video represents. Define it if you want.  But you may find yourself in a puzzling state, playing it over and over, and possibly coming to terms with something that very well might not have been your first impression.


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