Monday, January 30, 2012


I haven't been blogging much lately. To be honest, nothing much has seemed too interesting for me to care enough to share with you guys until now...

You know about Kickstarter right? People put up proposals and ask the public to pledge money (anywhere from literally $1and beyond) to help make said things happen.

My dear friend, confidant, and fellow musician Leslie Keffer has started one for herself in an attempt to get 500 copies of her record "Finally... Caves!" as well as produce a music video for the song. She has about $1700 pledged and there are only 15 days left to reach her $4500 goal. 

Leslie Keffer

We need to help her out and here is why:

Times have been changing at a rapid speed. The way we communicate and share ideas is immediate and instantly accessible worldwide. The uproar caused by SOPA / PIPA was acknowledged and protested on an unheard of level. An amazingly unbelievable level.

We hold the key to change for ourselves how we produce and distribute our art.

And not only that, we can decide for ourselves WHO to support.

Leslie is an artist who has been producing and recording on her own for the past decade. Total and complete DIY. It's admirable because it's hard work. And it usually doesn't pay shit to make music underground that comes from way down deep in your soul. It can, at times, be a dark, bleak world where you find yourself working day and night to save up enough to keep your art the priority. 

The big difference now is that we as a community can actively participate and support each other and our endeavors.

leslie keffer springwaterjuly3

Why should you spend your hard earned cash on her? Because maybe for the first time ever, you have an opportunity to collectively help make someone's dream come true. And in turn, when you need help, the rest of us will collectively be there for you, too. 

And this is art, this is HER art. And it happens to be pretty fucking good art. For me, seeing her reach her goal helps me to believe we as underground artists are not alone. That we can make art and music happen, and the kind of music and art WE WANT, not what the big studios want us all to drink. 

Go HERE to check out her Kickstarter page and pledge!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Write - up by Leslie Keffer about the gig I will be playing tomorrow night at Dino's here in Nashville with Lazy Magnet, Noise Nomads, and Hobbledeions:::
Don't Techno for an Answer: Noise Legends Noise Nomads and Lazy Magnet to Play Dino's Tomorrow, Jan. 26