Thursday, May 19, 2011


Ren and I flew into Amsterdam yesterday. After many unsuccessful attempts to use a pay phone here, and a few hours wait at a bus stop, I finally managed to find an open WiFi connection and sent our friends an email to come pick us up. A few beers later we headed downtown to see our friends Emeralds who happened to be playing a fest in town as well. Of course everyone was in a classic coffee shop daze. Many YouTube videos involving petting giraffes, a sax playing walrus, and DC Talk covers were watched backstage while drinking European Budweisers. We went out to eat and by accident I walked into an all male spa and sauna house. Saw a fuck ton of penis. On the walk back, John got accosted by a couple bums playing accordion and harmonica. Classic, for sure. Later in the  night Emeralds played a sick set, debunking the standard local lore that every foreign band who plays here is always so fucked up that amazing sets are somewhat rare. They brought down the house. So good. Tonight Ren and I start our own tour with Laser Poodle in LIEGE, Belgium. Fuck! I can't wait to see Cybele!

**this is my first attempt at using mobile Blogger on the Droid so we will see how this goes... big ups for open WiFi. YESSS

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