Sunday, January 23, 2011

world of wonders for real people

First, some catching up to do. I just recently uploaded a video of Lazy Magnet performing at Betty's in December 2010.

Yes, it's from LAST YEAR, but he is always amazing at his craft, so there you go. A couple months ago I was sent a blurry photo of him naked, which I posted to Noisebloid. That is what he is referring to at the beginning of the video. The post is snarky for sure, but I assumed he wouldn't care too much. It was a funny story poking fun at his relationships with his different women. But maybe he did get hurt a little? Sorry Jeremy. I hope we are cool. No harm meant. Serious XOXO always.

I've also got some videos from the crazy New Years at Betty's. Amazing sets from both Hobbledeions and Container.

These guys are blowing me away. They constantly keep getting better and better. It has been inspiring to watch and pushes me to be better as well.

I've got a ton more to post, but right now I gotta go drink some cocktails with my girl Angela.

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