Tuesday, December 14, 2010

wrist splints n tape recorders

It snowed here in Nashville. Not crazy blizzard shit, but enough to make all these southies freak the fuck out. So, of course, I've been feeling a little superior since I'm accustomed to this shit, even offered to go in to work early cos the chick i work with from California was scared to leave her house, for fear of what, i don't know cos it only snowed 2 inches! So, yeah, there I was walking into Vanderbilt feeling like the smartest motherfucker ever until I slipped and fell HARD my first step in the door! I'm talking feet over your head slip n fall style, instinctively using my poor left hand to break the impact. I felt like a major dummy after that, though I don't know why Vanderbilt didn't have mats on the inside of entrances so you DON'T slip and sprain your fucking wrist on the cold slick linoleum. I'm gonna assume it's because snow is a mystical substance down here, urban legend shit. Whatever, now I'm jacked up in a wrist brace thing, crying every once in a while cos I'm temporarily crippled and it fucking hurts like a bitch.

Anyways, since I can't work for a few days (at least until the swelling goes down), I have some time to hen-peck this blog entry for you.

I haven't posted anything from my tour last month, here are some videos of bands I played with:







All of these bands are incredible. It was such a pleasure and an honor to play with them!

Also, my friend Rob sent me his band LACO$TE's new video. Check it out:

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