Wednesday, September 29, 2010

just a little creature comfort

-from a Creatures set, photo by Wendy Jane

I took a break from the internet.

I did this for a couple of reasons. The first being that my hard drive had become overwhelmed by my IPhoto files, and my external drive is so packed with music/videos/photos/documents that I couldn't bear to burden it with the IPhoto monster. With only 3GB left onboard, IMovie could not allow me to make my gig videos for YouTube, hence no new videos... And they have just been piling up.

Second, I have had the privilege to work on a few projects for different people, which has had me very busy as I have been teaching myself new methods of creating. More on that to come...

Third, I've been totally disgusted by this new trend on the internet where people seem to think it is okay to completely trash another person openly in public forums. I recently was a victim of this from a person I have no connection with whatsoever. I won't go into details but basically some dude didn't think one of my songs should have been played on whatever station he was listening to. I talked about it briefly on twitter, but have since deleted it because I realized that even though I thought it was hilariously ignorant and showing it was my little way to get revenge, I was actually perpetuating the energy he started. I don't want anything to do with that. I'm not into negative crap that any person wants to hurl my way. No thank you.

I 100% support free speech, but I will never understand hating like it's a hobby. What the fuck happened to supporting each other? Well, I'm not going to stop. I support all of you, in any way life allows you to create, no matter how abstract. I promise, I will get it.


I was finally able to save up enough cash to buy another external hard drive, so I got all my IPhoto files moved which has freed up a tremendous amount of disk space which means I will have a bunch of new videos up later this week.

Nashville has been pretty good to me lately. I hosted an all electronic gig night at Betty's which was pretty successful, so I think I am going to start doing that once a month. Just the other day I officially became a Tennessee resident and got the funny DMV photo to prove it. (Although some may claim this is the second time, I had a California license and Rhode Island plates for the entire time I lived here last!) Ren and I are planning a tour soon, and we will go back out west.

Gonna keep loving & creating & sharing in the free world while it's still here. Nothing is going to stop me.

♥ you all,


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