Friday, August 20, 2010

Warning: This post is insane video heavy.

Seriously, I need to stop taking video at shows. It has gotten ridiculous to say the least. Mostly because I get so behind when i go to put them up on youtube. I like the look of using IMovie and HD, but damn, it takes 5x longer it seems. In the long run it's worth it though, don't you think?

First up is more mainstream. The beginning of August brought Ren and I (plus Leslie Keffer & Scott Martin) out to the Exit / In to see Ren & I's old Providence friend John McCauley play with his band Deer Tick. Watching John's success rise over the years has been pretty cool to witness. I remember when it was just him and an acoustic guitar at Okie St, singing his folk songs for a bunch of noise kids six years ago, haha. He now plays Lollapalooza and is married to a Nashville starlet. (go figure!)

Rumor is he will be moving down to Nashville early next year..

Later in the week was a show at the Green Womb which is a house full of barely legals. Rotten Apples (members of Dreamhouse) played, as well as Malocchio (Derek from Taiwan Deth) and Aether Jag (ex Mouthpet).

Bridget from a show @ Green Womb earlier this summer..




Much more to come, this is only from the first week of August. I still have videos to upload!!!

luf ♥, val

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