Monday, May 31, 2010

I Love the Pigeon

The other day I found this awesome message in my MySpace inbox:

I finally find you :D, hey was searching four you since a lot of time. I wonder if u can send me or something the very old song Pigeon, i started to love music since i hear that song, the one that goes like "I love the pigeon // Do you love the pigeon?".
You dont know how i remember that song, it makes me very exited finally to find you :'D.
I hope you still have that song.
Gretings from Guadalajara, México.

This is the song I am most known for amongst fans not overly familiar with the "noise scene". Probably because it is one of the most accessible songs I have recorded to date. It also was featured on a compilation. I can't remember which one. I wrote it on a whim and slapped it on the tail end of a release. It is pretty simple, but maybe that's what is so special about it.

Download popular pigeon.

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