Saturday, May 8, 2010

Back to Real Life

Slowly, I'm combing through the enormous amount of photographs and videos I took on tour and decompressing. And my legs are happy to be healing from all the bruises and cuts I managed to inflict on them by banging them into amplifiers and countless other objects that got in my way every night.

I'm going to do another post very soon--- as soon as I have put all of the videos and photos up on my youtube and flickr. As for the photos, I am going to try very hard to properly identify all the bands, but if you see I need help, please comment on the photo and let me know who it is! 3 weeks and 21 shows with 15-25 bands a night.... I met A LOT of new people and saw A FUCK TON of new bands. I wish I could remember every detail, but goddamn...

Here is an awesome montage of the events that went down in Los Angeles:

i luv u sean carnage!

a few more photos:

car chillin

i luf animal stylezz

sweet n sassy

tour nailz

MORE......wait for it!


PS: I STILL HAVE SOME TAPES LEFT, IF YOU BUY ONE OR 15 OR WHATEVER ANYTIME THIS MONTH (MAY) I WILL DONATE TO NASHVILLE FLOOD RELIEF. Seriously, Nashville are my peeps and a lot of people lost everything, including some kittens I hold dear. ALSO, Leslie Keffer is having a benefit and is asking for record donations... Go here for more info.

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