Monday, May 31, 2010

I Love the Pigeon

The other day I found this awesome message in my MySpace inbox:

I finally find you :D, hey was searching four you since a lot of time. I wonder if u can send me or something the very old song Pigeon, i started to love music since i hear that song, the one that goes like "I love the pigeon // Do you love the pigeon?".
You dont know how i remember that song, it makes me very exited finally to find you :'D.
I hope you still have that song.
Gretings from Guadalajara, México.

This is the song I am most known for amongst fans not overly familiar with the "noise scene". Probably because it is one of the most accessible songs I have recorded to date. It also was featured on a compilation. I can't remember which one. I wrote it on a whim and slapped it on the tail end of a release. It is pretty simple, but maybe that's what is so special about it.

Download popular pigeon.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tour Vidz

some of my favorite sets from INC ON TOUR:::

Human Beast in Providence, RI

Mark Van Fleet & Brad Griggs in Columbus, OH

Soaking Rasps in Minneapolis, MN

The Earwigs in Spokane, WA

wanna see who else i got on tape?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Back to Real Life

Slowly, I'm combing through the enormous amount of photographs and videos I took on tour and decompressing. And my legs are happy to be healing from all the bruises and cuts I managed to inflict on them by banging them into amplifiers and countless other objects that got in my way every night.

I'm going to do another post very soon--- as soon as I have put all of the videos and photos up on my youtube and flickr. As for the photos, I am going to try very hard to properly identify all the bands, but if you see I need help, please comment on the photo and let me know who it is! 3 weeks and 21 shows with 15-25 bands a night.... I met A LOT of new people and saw A FUCK TON of new bands. I wish I could remember every detail, but goddamn...

Here is an awesome montage of the events that went down in Los Angeles:

i luv u sean carnage!

a few more photos:

car chillin

i luf animal stylezz

sweet n sassy

tour nailz

MORE......wait for it!


PS: I STILL HAVE SOME TAPES LEFT, IF YOU BUY ONE OR 15 OR WHATEVER ANYTIME THIS MONTH (MAY) I WILL DONATE TO NASHVILLE FLOOD RELIEF. Seriously, Nashville are my peeps and a lot of people lost everything, including some kittens I hold dear. ALSO, Leslie Keffer is having a benefit and is asking for record donations... Go here for more info.