Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Total Love: Caleb's House

The story goes like this:

I'm in Nashville. It's my birthday week. I was having cocktails at my girl Angela's house, we end up at a dive bar, my other girl Keffer comes by with a dude named Caleb. We are all hanging out blah blah blah, then Keff's like, "Yo, lets go over to Caleb's place, it's pretty cool, you should check it out." I'm, like, "Yeah whatever Caleb's place, mmkay, does he have vodka cos this bar has vodka.." Yeah, I was drunk, birthday week! Anyways, we head over there, we walk in this dude's house and my jaw drops to the floor. There is crazy cool vintage shit EVERYWHERE, but put together in the most insanely obsessive orderly way ever. I'm pretty sure I scared the crap out of this guy cos I was just like omg omg omg omg omg. I forgot I took some photos on my phone ( like i said i was birthday DRUNK at the time)....

Anyway, this dude's awesome. Totally inspiring. Total Love.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Goals for 2010:


Now that I finally have a set up that works, I can record as much as I want. Thank you MacBook Pro! (and friends who gave me software and interface suggestions.) Hey Dennis, you still up for doing that record? I can finally record it proper!!


2009 was a year of creative stalling. Did anyone else feel it? Maybe it was just me... I definitely did put out stuff I am super proud of, but for the most part I held most of it in. I didn't really take a step forward, instead I watched and listened to what was going on around me. I've been figuring out my next move, how to change in a way that makes sense, sounds amazing, and seems natural. Last year I spent countless hours thinking about whether or not I want to continue the Unicorn Hard-on story. A part of me wants to do something else, and a part of me wants to hold on forever. There will eventually be a separate post about this because I really need to get some discussion going on the matter. But whatever happens, I want everything I've been holding back to flow freely.


I want positive energy around me always. nothing negative. (This includes my own thoughts!) I want to bask in the glow of super-hyper psychic master plan crystal skulls and kittens forever.


I want more colors! Bright, matte, bold, pastel, dark, neon. I want to experiment and add to my palette.


I am going to appreciate my awesome friends, tell them how much they mean to me, how dull my life would be without them, make beautiful music and art with them. I plan to shower them with all the support I can give.

total love and happy new year kittens,