Tuesday, December 14, 2010

wrist splints n tape recorders

It snowed here in Nashville. Not crazy blizzard shit, but enough to make all these southies freak the fuck out. So, of course, I've been feeling a little superior since I'm accustomed to this shit, even offered to go in to work early cos the chick i work with from California was scared to leave her house, for fear of what, i don't know cos it only snowed 2 inches! So, yeah, there I was walking into Vanderbilt feeling like the smartest motherfucker ever until I slipped and fell HARD my first step in the door! I'm talking feet over your head slip n fall style, instinctively using my poor left hand to break the impact. I felt like a major dummy after that, though I don't know why Vanderbilt didn't have mats on the inside of entrances so you DON'T slip and sprain your fucking wrist on the cold slick linoleum. I'm gonna assume it's because snow is a mystical substance down here, urban legend shit. Whatever, now I'm jacked up in a wrist brace thing, crying every once in a while cos I'm temporarily crippled and it fucking hurts like a bitch.

Anyways, since I can't work for a few days (at least until the swelling goes down), I have some time to hen-peck this blog entry for you.

I haven't posted anything from my tour last month, here are some videos of bands I played with:







All of these bands are incredible. It was such a pleasure and an honor to play with them!

Also, my friend Rob sent me his band LACO$TE's new video. Check it out:

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

and then there was cake

Yes, so, it's been awhile. I had a birthday, recorded a new Unicorn Hard-on tape, went on a small tour around Thanksgiving in Providence... I've got a lot to share.

My birthday present from my friend Leslie Keffer was a ticket to go see Rye Rye perform at the Cannery Ballroom here in Nashville. Keff and I were tweeting up a storm about our anticipation and got a couple tweet backs from Rye Rye herself! She performed 5-6 songs, Sunshine, Wassup Wassup, Hardcore Girls, Bang, Shake It To The Ground, and I think one more I'm blanking on now. My footage is bouncy because it's impossible to stand still. You gotta dance. Well, except for the fools right in front of me who for some reason thought it was important to get as close as possible to the stage even though they clearly looked bored as hell. I don't get you people who go to shows, hog the front row, then DON'T MOVE! What the hell is wrong with you?

The night before my birthday, there was a show, Human Beast, Father Finger, Malocchio, and Craow. I was kinda pissed that the show was that night because my plan was to do something for my birthday NOT at Betty's this year, but you can't say no to friends. The show ruled, I wish I had more footage to share!

Father Finger

Human Beast

Sunday, October 17, 2010

B B Q on the Ten Ten Ten

Ren decided to attempt another 24 hr BBQ. You can read about it here. In the middle of all that madness, there was a show. Here are Bill Nace and Diagram A performing on the evening of 10.10 2010:

Friday, October 8, 2010

just asking for a light tasing

This video is from my electronic night at Betty's bar. Serious business from Derek, one of the best sets I've seen from him (at least before the drama started in the middle of his set! Leslie Keffer almost tased that dude's ass!)

From earlier in the night, Sugar Skulls:


And a few more videos from September:


Real Sad:

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

weird wonderful wednesday

Kathleen Hanna posted this on her wordpress and I thought I would share this gem of an interview as well. I don't really need to explain, just watch it.

also, just saw this on dlisted:

James Franco on the cover of Candy. I love love love men in drag.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

the slow death of summer

These two videos are from the tail end of August, when Work/Death, Pharmakon, and Cowards came through on their way back from Neon Marshmallow.




Wednesday, September 29, 2010

just a little creature comfort

-from a Creatures set, photo by Wendy Jane

I took a break from the internet.

I did this for a couple of reasons. The first being that my hard drive had become overwhelmed by my IPhoto files, and my external drive is so packed with music/videos/photos/documents that I couldn't bear to burden it with the IPhoto monster. With only 3GB left onboard, IMovie could not allow me to make my gig videos for YouTube, hence no new videos... And they have just been piling up.

Second, I have had the privilege to work on a few projects for different people, which has had me very busy as I have been teaching myself new methods of creating. More on that to come...

Third, I've been totally disgusted by this new trend on the internet where people seem to think it is okay to completely trash another person openly in public forums. I recently was a victim of this from a person I have no connection with whatsoever. I won't go into details but basically some dude didn't think one of my songs should have been played on whatever last.fm station he was listening to. I talked about it briefly on twitter, but have since deleted it because I realized that even though I thought it was hilariously ignorant and showing it was my little way to get revenge, I was actually perpetuating the energy he started. I don't want anything to do with that. I'm not into negative crap that any person wants to hurl my way. No thank you.

I 100% support free speech, but I will never understand hating like it's a hobby. What the fuck happened to supporting each other? Well, I'm not going to stop. I support all of you, in any way life allows you to create, no matter how abstract. I promise, I will get it.


I was finally able to save up enough cash to buy another external hard drive, so I got all my IPhoto files moved which has freed up a tremendous amount of disk space which means I will have a bunch of new videos up later this week.

Nashville has been pretty good to me lately. I hosted an all electronic gig night at Betty's which was pretty successful, so I think I am going to start doing that once a month. Just the other day I officially became a Tennessee resident and got the funny DMV photo to prove it. (Although some may claim this is the second time, I had a California license and Rhode Island plates for the entire time I lived here last!) Ren and I are planning a tour soon, and we will go back out west.

Gonna keep loving & creating & sharing in the free world while it's still here. Nothing is going to stop me.

♥ you all,


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I know, there has been nothing here for a little while. I have a ton of videos to share with all of you. And a few other surprises. I haven't abandoned ship, just working ALOT. I have had to take a small break in order to finish up some loose ends. (internet break in general so I can get my work DONE!)

Keep checking back here, though, I DO HAVE SOME STUFF COMING UP FOR YOU!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


This amazing video of Pharmakon has been lying corrupt in my camera scan disk for 2 months now. Just sitting there. I couldn't take it off, I couldn't delete it. Then out of the blue it appeared, in its entirety, totally perfect, on IPhoto after a routine camera sync. So what is up with that?? Meant to be seen! Margaret makes me really love power electronics. I would go so far as to say she is my holy grail of power electronics. Always stoked to see her perform.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More summer sets from sick summer shows

Another installment in RJ's "superheroes" series..


The strobe and smoke monster sets by Diamond Hymen & Outmode..

The Mag lives on, y'all..

And an epic set by God Willing..


Friday, August 20, 2010

Warning: This post is insane video heavy.

Seriously, I need to stop taking video at shows. It has gotten ridiculous to say the least. Mostly because I get so behind when i go to put them up on youtube. I like the look of using IMovie and HD, but damn, it takes 5x longer it seems. In the long run it's worth it though, don't you think?

First up is more mainstream. The beginning of August brought Ren and I (plus Leslie Keffer & Scott Martin) out to the Exit / In to see Ren & I's old Providence friend John McCauley play with his band Deer Tick. Watching John's success rise over the years has been pretty cool to witness. I remember when it was just him and an acoustic guitar at Okie St, singing his folk songs for a bunch of noise kids six years ago, haha. He now plays Lollapalooza and is married to a Nashville starlet. (go figure!)

Rumor is he will be moving down to Nashville early next year..

Later in the week was a show at the Green Womb which is a house full of barely legals. Rotten Apples (members of Dreamhouse) played, as well as Malocchio (Derek from Taiwan Deth) and Aether Jag (ex Mouthpet).

Bridget from a show @ Green Womb earlier this summer..




Much more to come, this is only from the first week of August. I still have videos to upload!!!

luf ♥, val

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tangled Hares Summer Furz Mixtape 2010

This is the first Tangled Hares mix, made with love and pure fucking magic:

♥♥♥ Track Playlist ♥♥♥

Unicorn Hard-on - Your Many Furry Faces
-side a from cassette of the same name

Form A Log - Digital Duck
-Philadelphia power trio of Noah (also of Social Junk, Night Burger), Rick (also of New Flesh, Female Topics), and Ren (also of God Willing). New 7" out on Spleen Coffin.

Leslie Keffer & Scott Martin - Pharoahs Trillium
-track from the minimal techno inspired double cassette Fake Sound Routine out now on I JUST LIVE HERE.

Phonebooks - P.C. Games
-Denver electronic magicians have an entire album you can download HERE!

HNY - Strange Medicine in the Desert
-Heather (also of Social Junk) has the voice of an angel broken down into a million sugar crystals, it makes the hairs on your arm stand up. You should send her a message and tell her to release MORE MORE MORE! There is also a music video I made for this song.

Unicorn Hard-on - Magic Sand (UHO 2010 version)
-I used to be in a band called Val + Gina Tron, like 10 years ago with a BFF. We used to write songs about William S. Burroughs and unicorns and shit like that. Every once in a while one will pop into my head taunting me with silly beats and smart rhymes. This is a version of one of those songs.

Coppertone - Cherry Picking
-Sasha Wiseman was one of the first women I met who made strange music like I did. She set up female noise fests in Providence, RI and played in the band Heart2Heart. Then she started making plays... And electronics... And baked goods... She moved to Los Angeles and now makes some of the sickest synth pop music I've ever heard. Her website.

Pictureplane - Boys in Blush
-Travis is an international playboy. He lives in Denver (although I think he actually lives IN AN AIRPLANE). I felt like I was the last person to hear Dark Rift, but I've definitely made up for lost time. This is probably my favorite track off it.

Wet Mango - Drip and Slip
-Jonathan from Captain Ahab sent me some tracks from this band a while ago because he knew it was my kind of jam. TOTALLY RIGHT. Cristina Irene Fuentes uses gameboys and synths to create music for all your dirty dancing pleasures. She is going on tour in August. Check her out here for more info and tour dates.

Container - Proportions
-This is Ren's minimal techno project. It inspired a release on his label I JUST LIVE HERE involving 17 bands on 2 cassettes called Fake Sound Routine. MASSIVE CHILL ZONE! He also has a sick food blog.



hot steamy hearts for everyone,

Thursday, July 22, 2010

last two L A Z Y M A G N E T shows

Right before I left Philadelphia for Nashville, Jeremy Harris took up a short residence and performed what he called, "THE LAST MAG SET OF ALL TIME". Now, I don't know if this is going to stay true forever, but I'm sure whatever he does next will be awesome.

Here is his second to last show @ the Zodiac bar in Baltimore (also the last out of town show on the Form a Log / Lazy Magnet tour:


enjoy ♥s,

Friday, July 9, 2010

back in the diamond habitat

I'm back in Nashville, settled in as best I can. Been working on a bunch of stuff for this blog... you will see!

Gonna have a summer mixtape in the near future, and I think I'm going to make that a regular thing. If you want to contribute material, email me.

Recent sights and sounds of Nashville:

Centurius (RJ from Right Arm Severed)

High on LIfe (John Adams aka The President)

The Blood Brothers (RJ and Crom and some other dude pretending to be... ALIENS? I'm not quite sure)

John Weise @ the Exit/In (Fun Noisebloid fact: "Halfway through my set I realized I was wondering if Leslie Keffer was going to show up.")



Wednesday, June 9, 2010

blood diamonds taste like chicken

The last video I took in Philadelphia. Oh yeah, I'm in the process of moving again! Back to sticky n sweet, sweet Nashville!

F U N playing at the new Z Radio HQ (recorded june 7, 2010):

If you haven't already, check out the Z Radio website, they now broadcast 24/7! You can even submit your own radio shows for them to play.


ALSO, I don't know why I didn't share this on my blog, I did on twitter, but I recently finished a couple music videos for my friends....

HNY - Strange Medicine in the Desert

Form A Log - Doilies


luf u boo,

♥ VAL ♥

Monday, May 31, 2010

I Love the Pigeon

The other day I found this awesome message in my MySpace inbox:

I finally find you :D, hey was searching four you since a lot of time. I wonder if u can send me or something the very old song Pigeon, i started to love music since i hear that song, the one that goes like "I love the pigeon // Do you love the pigeon?".
You dont know how i remember that song, it makes me very exited finally to find you :'D.
I hope you still have that song.
Gretings from Guadalajara, México.

This is the song I am most known for amongst fans not overly familiar with the "noise scene". Probably because it is one of the most accessible songs I have recorded to date. It also was featured on a compilation. I can't remember which one. I wrote it on a whim and slapped it on the tail end of a release. It is pretty simple, but maybe that's what is so special about it.

Download popular pigeon.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tour Vidz

some of my favorite sets from INC ON TOUR:::

Human Beast in Providence, RI

Mark Van Fleet & Brad Griggs in Columbus, OH

Soaking Rasps in Minneapolis, MN

The Earwigs in Spokane, WA

wanna see who else i got on tape?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Back to Real Life

Slowly, I'm combing through the enormous amount of photographs and videos I took on tour and decompressing. And my legs are happy to be healing from all the bruises and cuts I managed to inflict on them by banging them into amplifiers and countless other objects that got in my way every night.

I'm going to do another post very soon--- as soon as I have put all of the videos and photos up on my youtube and flickr. As for the photos, I am going to try very hard to properly identify all the bands, but if you see I need help, please comment on the photo and let me know who it is! 3 weeks and 21 shows with 15-25 bands a night.... I met A LOT of new people and saw A FUCK TON of new bands. I wish I could remember every detail, but goddamn...

Here is an awesome montage of the events that went down in Los Angeles:

i luv u sean carnage!

a few more photos:

car chillin

i luf animal stylezz

sweet n sassy

tour nailz

MORE......wait for it!


PS: I STILL HAVE SOME TAPES LEFT, IF YOU BUY ONE OR 15 OR WHATEVER ANYTIME THIS MONTH (MAY) I WILL DONATE TO NASHVILLE FLOOD RELIEF. Seriously, Nashville are my peeps and a lot of people lost everything, including some kittens I hold dear. ALSO, Leslie Keffer is having a benefit and is asking for record donations... Go here for more info.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Available Unicorn Hard-on MERCH

Email tangledhares at gmail.com first so I can make sure the items you want are still available.
Paypal is preferred, but if you cannot, email that to me as well, and we will work something out!

Cassettes- $7 US - $9 Canada & Mexico - $10 World

*all prices include shipping





Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Val Day ////

I just got back from the International Noise Conference in Miami. Back to cold, snowy Philadelphia, where we have already broken the record for snowiest winter ever, and more is expected. (FUCKED) I will have some videos and photos to post in a few days, once people make it back safe and sound and have a chance to upload all their goods.

I also have tons of tapes and shirts to sell, which will also be going up within the next few days.

I started a Noisebloid twitter account so Leslie, Angie, and I could send info from the fest live as it happened. The response was a bit overwhelming, people really like their noise gossip! Check it out to see pretty much everything you missed this year...


And for all you fancy lovers:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Vali Myers Forever

Yesterday my LG Rumor died when the Russian girl I work with set it down in a puddle of water/coffee/purcaf/etc. After I cried a little, I headed down to my local Sprint store and picked up a new phone. Unfortunately I lost every single one of my contacts! Make it easier on me, my friends! Send me a text or an email, and let me know your beautiful phone numbers once again!

Anyway, here are some of my favorite photos of Vali Myers to inspire you for the rest of your lifetime:

ans here's the newest Unicorn Hard-on live video, shot at JR's bar in South Phily, Jan 29, 2010:
(i'll edit this once i figure out how to make it bigger)

Unicorn Hard-on - live @ JR's - 01-29-2010 from Breathmint on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Total Love: Caleb's House

The story goes like this:

I'm in Nashville. It's my birthday week. I was having cocktails at my girl Angela's house, we end up at a dive bar, my other girl Keffer comes by with a dude named Caleb. We are all hanging out blah blah blah, then Keff's like, "Yo, lets go over to Caleb's place, it's pretty cool, you should check it out." I'm, like, "Yeah whatever Caleb's place, mmkay, does he have vodka cos this bar has vodka.." Yeah, I was drunk, birthday week! Anyways, we head over there, we walk in this dude's house and my jaw drops to the floor. There is crazy cool vintage shit EVERYWHERE, but put together in the most insanely obsessive orderly way ever. I'm pretty sure I scared the crap out of this guy cos I was just like omg omg omg omg omg. I forgot I took some photos on my phone ( like i said i was birthday DRUNK at the time)....

Anyway, this dude's awesome. Totally inspiring. Total Love.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Goals for 2010:


Now that I finally have a set up that works, I can record as much as I want. Thank you MacBook Pro! (and friends who gave me software and interface suggestions.) Hey Dennis, you still up for doing that record? I can finally record it proper!!


2009 was a year of creative stalling. Did anyone else feel it? Maybe it was just me... I definitely did put out stuff I am super proud of, but for the most part I held most of it in. I didn't really take a step forward, instead I watched and listened to what was going on around me. I've been figuring out my next move, how to change in a way that makes sense, sounds amazing, and seems natural. Last year I spent countless hours thinking about whether or not I want to continue the Unicorn Hard-on story. A part of me wants to do something else, and a part of me wants to hold on forever. There will eventually be a separate post about this because I really need to get some discussion going on the matter. But whatever happens, I want everything I've been holding back to flow freely.


I want positive energy around me always. nothing negative. (This includes my own thoughts!) I want to bask in the glow of super-hyper psychic master plan crystal skulls and kittens forever.


I want more colors! Bright, matte, bold, pastel, dark, neon. I want to experiment and add to my palette.


I am going to appreciate my awesome friends, tell them how much they mean to me, how dull my life would be without them, make beautiful music and art with them. I plan to shower them with all the support I can give.

total love and happy new year kittens,