Monday, August 10, 2009

Voice of the Valley Fest 2009

so that time of year has come and gone ONCE AGAIN! i somehow made it in and out of west virginia riding between the sweaty cheeks of summer's hottest month.

omg was it hot. it was fucking hotter than hot. and muggy as fuck. luckily, i'm a genius and brought along my battery-powered box fan and wore that bitch like it was an accessory. it truly saved my life.

as for the actual music, there were some really good acts. the sound was fucking loud and really, it was hard not to look good up on that stage (aka granny's porch). the whole time i was playing up there, i kept expecting a glass of sweet tea to appear next to my gear.

actually, it kind of looks like everyone is playing outside a cracker barrel, but anyways...

Laundry room squelchers btw i think i totally broke my foot during this set.

and of course, there was the downtime... the grilling... the drinking... the pranks...