Sunday, July 26, 2009

nighttime entertainment

thursday, i packed up my gear, made some raspberry - green iced tea, and headed over to jared's place (aka lowest fidelity) to play the first live unicorn hard-on gig in two months. yeah, that's a while, but i thought i needed a break.. but that's a matter to discuss in another post.

my MANY glorious machines.

i'm slouching so bad! my mother will not be proud...

dan and heather on the patio. i didn't get any photos of 2673 or mccord. here's sanguine piss:

neckhold are from australia and are still teenagers, i think. they played for literally 30 seconds due to instrument failure. total bummer. here's one of the down under dudes talking to kevin from z radio about footy.


in other news, tonight i went over to lance's space to say hey to kyle mabson and one of lance's kittens had a cast on! wtf!!! the very thing unicorn hard-on is fueled on! of course i asked to sign it!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

most awesome ever

Everyone wants a little place of their own.

Unicorn Hard-on split w/ Taiwan Deth - tangled hares mp3

more news news news to come...