Friday, December 25, 2009

sweet holiday wishes

Happy Holidays to everyone! I am spending my Christmas with my family in Wilmington NC. Last night my nieces and I sprinkled reindeer food out on the driveway so they would know to lead Santa to our house! The "feed" consisted of oatmeal and glitter! How adorable is that???

Another memorable moment happened at the dinner table, when my 10 year old niece Nicole says, "Aunt Valerie, are you a redneck?" While I was laughing my ass off, my step-mother leans over to Nicole and whispers, "Your Aunt Val is the exact opposite of a redneck!" OMG.

holiday gift: 3 Unicorn Hard-on albums up on!

Friday, December 4, 2009

I know, I know, it has been almost a month since my last post. My life is BUSY! I constantly try to find more time to blog. Anyways, this is going to catch you up!

My trip to Nashville was super awesome and my birthday was the best ever. Really, I felt loved and appreciated! It actually made me a bit sad to realize all the amazing friends I left behind there! Seriously amazing people!

Photos from my show (of course, I'm the only one with a camera so no photos of my set):

(aether jag)

(out mode & lazy magnet)

(leslie keffer & scott martin)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Birthday Countdown - Momentary Smokey Mountain High Life

So, as you already know from previous posts, my birthday is coming up. In fact, it is this Saturday, and I have an opportunity to travel down to Nashville to celebrate with some great friends! Last night, we (Ren and Dan and I) pulled into Kodak, TN (next to Pigeon Forge aka the home of DOLLYWOOD) Dan is working some trade show in Sevierville for his work and Ren is helping to set it up and tear it down. When he gets done today, we head out to Nashville, then meet up with Dan next week to head back to Philadelphia.

Anyways, I have this thing for collecting travel brochures. And I have this REALLY BIG THING for Dolly Parton. So on my way to the ice machine here at the Days Inn, I picked up a dozen or so to peruse through:

Sweet Dolly - I xoxo you!


You know how much I adore macaws

There were TONS of religious flyers. Everything from dinner parties to gospel choirs to rib smoke-outs to parrots, etc. For some reason I grabbed one that looked pretty tame from the outside, but imagine my surprise when I opened up this musical brochure to find a full pull-out poster inside! Damn, they are not playing around in the PF, TN.

And of course, who doesn't want a Smokey Mountain Christmas??!?!?! BTW, happiest Santa ever, right?

I went to Dollywood on a family vacation when I was a wee tabby kitt. (Duh, I'm from the south!) If I had the time, for damn sure I'd be waiting in line for the Mystery Mine humming Heartbreak Express.

Actually you can hit me up anytime, and I'll sing you a DP ditty. Pinky swear!

More birthday / travel updates to come!

Total Love &
XOXO Kittens!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Total Love: Hoop Forever (And Ever)

If you remember a few months ago, I posted about Aaron Hibbs attempt to break the world record for most consecutive hours of continuous hula hooping. His first attempt was cut short at (only, LOL) 60 hours, when he accidently bumped the hoop. It stopped spinning and he was forced to stop, rest, and try again...

And now he is back! Show your support!

Aaron, you are the BEST EVER!!!

Total Love,


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Aaron Hibbs Sets Out to Hoop Forever

Aaron playing at INC Miami 2008 as Noumena

Our beloved friend and fellow musician Aaron Hibbs started an epic journey today to claim the hula hooping world record! Check out his progress! Only 5 more days to go!

T.O.T.A.L L.O.V.E !!!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Voice of the Valley Fest 2009

so that time of year has come and gone ONCE AGAIN! i somehow made it in and out of west virginia riding between the sweaty cheeks of summer's hottest month.

omg was it hot. it was fucking hotter than hot. and muggy as fuck. luckily, i'm a genius and brought along my battery-powered box fan and wore that bitch like it was an accessory. it truly saved my life.

as for the actual music, there were some really good acts. the sound was fucking loud and really, it was hard not to look good up on that stage (aka granny's porch). the whole time i was playing up there, i kept expecting a glass of sweet tea to appear next to my gear.

actually, it kind of looks like everyone is playing outside a cracker barrel, but anyways...

Laundry room squelchers btw i think i totally broke my foot during this set.

and of course, there was the downtime... the grilling... the drinking... the pranks...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

nighttime entertainment

thursday, i packed up my gear, made some raspberry - green iced tea, and headed over to jared's place (aka lowest fidelity) to play the first live unicorn hard-on gig in two months. yeah, that's a while, but i thought i needed a break.. but that's a matter to discuss in another post.

my MANY glorious machines.

i'm slouching so bad! my mother will not be proud...

dan and heather on the patio. i didn't get any photos of 2673 or mccord. here's sanguine piss:

neckhold are from australia and are still teenagers, i think. they played for literally 30 seconds due to instrument failure. total bummer. here's one of the down under dudes talking to kevin from z radio about footy.


in other news, tonight i went over to lance's space to say hey to kyle mabson and one of lance's kittens had a cast on! wtf!!! the very thing unicorn hard-on is fueled on! of course i asked to sign it!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

most awesome ever

Everyone wants a little place of their own.

Unicorn Hard-on split w/ Taiwan Deth - tangled hares mp3

more news news news to come...